Does it truly work?

The formula (Super-Growth) has been very effective for its purpose. This we sure can say due to the large number of reorder we usually get form our customers. Of course, no one would continue with a product that does not do what it’s said to be capable of. We have had enormous sales all around the globe.

When did this product hit the market?

The advanced Super-Growth height booster was launched into the market after series of intensive research over ten year back. Since then, S-G Inc. Labs have been providing our customers with the highest quality medicine for your height in dosages formulated by our leading professional research.

What exactly does Super-Growth © treat?

As a safe and effective natural health herbal supplement, it works mainly to boost your metabolism rate, improve digestive and liver function as well as help you grow taller without the slightest side effect whatsoever.

Where and where do you ship?

Luckily for you, Super-Growth is shipped to all countries and this is why our customers enjoy our service all over the world. 

Any return policy? How can I return the products? 

Fair enough, the nature of the Super-Growth product permits the return of the product only if it has not been opened. i.e. the seal remains intact. For any reason at all, you can return the product in this condition and the maximum time lag between purchase and return is 30 days. You will obtain full refund safe the shipping and handling fees as well as a $5.00 fee for return processing.

Are there volume discounts?

Certainly, as you’d expect, we give discount on large purchases for your many reasons. All you are required to do is email us at sales@super-groowth.com and give us the details of your order.

Let’s say I want to sell your products, will you drop-ship to my customers?

Hmm! That will be nice, we have an efficient drop-shipping program. Contact us right away to let us know your state and how you intend selling these products.

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