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What would it be like to be able to influence your life and height? Looking at your image in the mirror and seeing a tall and sexy ‘you’ could be the only thing you need for a great day. Maybe you should think of how those who have known you to be short would react, seeing that you have grown taller and become more confident in yourself. Well, if you had been a partaker of the wonder of Super-growth, you won’t have to be imaginative about this. All our customers have been able to take charge and influence their growth through Super-Growth. See what they have to say, and realize how much Super-Growth could help you achieve your dream of growing taller.




Special Benefits

  • Height increment

  • Energy boost

  • Tremendous change in your Natural Growth

Several people worldwide, including models, athletes, bodybuilders, basketball players and many more are customers who use Super-Growth to gain flexibility and extra inches to their height. Super-Growth is capable of causing improvement in your HGH level and also enhancing regeneration of bones and cartilage discs. The result following this is a faster natural growth and good posture.

Many have not been able to find a solution to their height issues because they lack knowledge of the scientific way of taking advantage of their Growth Hormone. The growth hormone stands to be the most important hormone as far as vertical growth of the body is concerned. It is responsible for the growth of cartilages that lie between bones in the body and it is through this that the body’s vertical growth occurs.

super-growth 2 month supply

2 Month Supply Super Growth Starter Kit

(Blue Box)

Free Grow Taller Guide

$ 20 Shipping

Free Super-Growth Tablet

139$ USD

This is a great value for the first time buyer, for $79.50 a month (after shipping), you can start seeing the benefits of the Super-Growth formula.

1 Bottle Free Super-Growth Effervescent Tablet to Maximize Your Growth

Super-growth 4 Months Supply Venture Kit (Orange Box)

Free Grow Taller Guide

Free Shipping

Free Super-Growth Tablet

279$ USD

Coming with free shipping, this is a great value, getting you four great months of enhanced growth and energy for just $69.75 a month.You’ll get four exciting months of life changing growth.

1 Bottle Free Super-Growth Effervescent Tablet to Maximize Your Growth

6 Month Supply of Super-Growth Overdrive Kit (Red Box) :

Free Grow Taller Guide

Free Express Shipping

Free Super-Growth Tablet

419$ USD

For those ready to make a serious commitment to bettering their life, we’ve got the Super Growth SuperRich Boost. Six great months of energy boosting growth formula is yours with free express shipping, getting it to your doorstep as fast as possible.

1 Bottle Free Super-Growth Effervescent Tablet to Maximize Your Growth

12 Month Supply of Super-Growth YearOfGrowth kit (Green Box):

Free Grow Taller Guide

Free Express Shipping

Free Super-Growth Tablet

779$ USD

This is for those who are ready to make the next year a great one, with 12 months of powerful growth boosting formula at their disposal. With an enhanced metabolism, a revitalized endocrine system.

1 Bottle Free Super-Growth Effervescent Tablet to Maximize Your Growth


Super-Growth Kit

Each Super-Growth Kit Contains :

  • Super-Growth Spray

  • Super-Growth Tablet

  • Super-Growth Growth Taller Guide

  • Super-Growth Brochure

Super-Growth Height Booster is known to be an effective, efficient as well as a safe, cost-effective and convenient innovative way through which research have been able to put a smile on peoples’ faces in the form of providing as scientifically proven product for growing taller.

With this product, no exercise, surgery, injection, or even painful shoe insole and stretching involved.

Super-Growth Inc. offers online, a safe and updated bone growth measure which will naturally help you grow taller and faster within few months. Noticeable changes in posture and height are seen right from the first month. Read more.

Take a look at comments from our satisfied customers

I have added 3cm in just one month of using Super-Growth. I never thought I could still grow taller. Thanks! William Glover, age : 25 Australia

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I started using the product in late May. I used to be 5’4 but I’ve grown to be 5’7. I wish to continue and unlock more inches. Shawn Brown, age: 23 THE USA

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In eight months of using Super-Growth, I have added 3 inches and my confidence level has increased. I never could imagine how great height can be influential to self-confidence. Darren Wong, age: 20 Singapore

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About 14 weeks ago when I got your product, I never knew it could help so much. After one month of use, I started noticing growth and in three months of use, I had gained 2 inches. I am very grateful to Super-Growth Company for this transformation that the product have brought to my life. Things have really changed. People now look at me differently and nicely too. Thank you very much. Justin Wood, age: 19 , The USA

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