Ordering Super-Growth is simple; you can place your order by selecting one of the options below. We provide worldwide first class shipping by air mail, and you can conveniently make payments using a credit card or PayPal. Additionally, you have the option to place an order online through methods such as bank transfer, www.wise.com, MoneyGram, Western Union, and transfergo.com + Should you have any inquiries regarding payment or other concerns, do not hesitate to contact us promptly via email at supergrowthpromo@gmail.com or sales@super-growth.com

At Super-Growth Inc., we understand the importance of offering flexible payment solutions. In addition to credit card / paypal payment methods, we provide alternative options for your convenience. Here are some alternative payment platforms you can consider:

 If any of these options interest you or if you'd like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

 Starting from January 2024, we have begun shipping our SuperGrowth products with slimmer new bottles in terms of size and design. 

The product content and effectiveness remain the same as the regular bottles. We made this change to ensure there are no additional shipping costs to some countries, and it is more compliant with customs regulations, preventing any issues for our customers in shipments. 

Our slim bottles, measuring an average of 6.5cm x 3cm, contain 30 SuperGrowth tablets, and with every 2-month order, we send two bottles of our newly designed SuperGrowth bottles. Our regular bottles contain 60 tablets each, providing a 2-month supply. 

Depending on the country and order status, we may ship either the regular bottles or the new slim, cassette-box-style bottles. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

For adults, we suggest a minimum of a 4-month supply, and for the best results, we recommend a 12-month supply.

Quality Assurance:

Thank you for choosing Super-Growth. We are excited to offer you exceptional service and effective solutions.

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